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Who we are

40+ Years of Continued Growth

Since its inception in 1974, Verisem (re-branded in 2017 from “Suba”) has grown from a local Italian seed producer to one of the only truly global specialty vegetable seed producers


1974 - Augusto Suzzi established  Suba S.r.l. as a regional orchard seed producer
1986 - Establishes Suba&Unico S.r.l., a company focused on Asian market distribution
1992 - Hortus, the first company dedicated to seeds trading, was established
2005 - Establishes French branch to diversify production
2008 - Establishment of Royal Seeds S.r.l., who acquired  semi-professional garden business unit from Monsanto
2011 - Suba Srl merged with Suba&Unico S.r.l. to form Suba Seeds Company SpA
2012 - Quadrivio (Italian Fund) acquires a 52% stake in Suba Seeds Company
2013 - Acquires Condor Seeds to further diversify the production product range
2015 - In 2015, PSP acquires a majority position (c.90%) of Suba alongside management (c.10%) and begins executing strategic expansion plan
2016 - Suba acquires Brotherton Seeds in July 2016 to add strategic IP and further diversify production and product range
2017 - In September 2017, Philippe Rousseau, previously leading the sunflower business at Syngenta, joined the Company as CEO to drive the next stage of growth. Also in 2017, the Company was rebranded as Verisem to better complement the Company’s global footprint and clarify the organization structure
2018 - Verisem acquire Franchi Sementi


Verisem at a Glance

Verisem is an expert in vegetable seed production (large seed such as peas and beans for processing industry, small seed vegetables such as cabbage, radish, onion, chicory, parsley, etc.)Verisem can produce hybrid or open-pollinated seed.

For its own sales Verisem is focusing on open-pollinated (“OP”) seeds, a cost-efficient method to produce high quality seeds. Verisem’s portfolio include coriander, beans, peas, radish, chicory and other crops where hybridization is either uneconomical or not possible



54% of production is contracted with global seed majors


46% of production supplies Verisem’s own sales to both professional and hobbyist growers


Verisem has four production facilities across USA, Italy and France along with a long-standing network of over 1,800 growers across six continents


Production process includes the best-in-class quality control steps, providing traceability for each batch of seeds


Customers of Verisem’s own sales are spread across 80 countries and have access to a wide-ranging portfolio containing over 1’000 different varieties in more than 60 crops



Management team