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Condor Seed Production joined the group in 2013

Condor Seed Production, Inc. was established in 1985 in Arizona. The company began business as a wholesale vegetable seed contract production company with the first seed crops being sown in the fall of 1985.

The construction of an 8,000 square foot warehouse was completed in 1986 which included one seed cleaning line. In May and June of this year, the first seed crops were harvested and seed conditioning began.

In 1992 Condor Seed was one of the founding members of the Seed Trade Association of Arizona.

1993; A 2,200 square foot office was constructed to take the place of the mobile office unit. The company also began leasing additional acreage in the vicinity to expand experimental and small acreage seed production, and to provide crop rotation for the original acreage.

The construction of an 18,000 square foot insulated warehouse was completed in 1998 which included a 4,000 square foot climate-controlled storage room. This new building provided room in our original warehouse for the construction of a third seed conditioning line.

2003; Our original office building was demolished and a new office building was constructed with more or less the same foot print.

An 8,800 square foot addition was constructed in 2011 on the north side of the original warehouse for the primary purpose of storing thresher run seed prior to conditioning.

In December 2013, the company was sold to Suba Seeds. This has provided an opportunity for a number of production synergies between the two companies as well as access to new customers.

2014; About 45% of our seed production acreage this year was under contract with other companies sown from their proprietary stock seed. The balance was mostly public varieties sown from stock seed selected and maintained by the company.

2015 was Condor’s 30th anniversary.

2018 We currently serve 330 customers in 55 countries throughout the world. We acknowledge with thankfulness our 20 loyal employees who have an average service of 11 years working for Condor Seed. They are the driving force behind the success of our company.

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