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Royal Seeds

The value of the seed for Royal Seeds

Royal is a seed company that believes in supplying its customers with high quality products coupled with an excellent service. We have grown in the past few years into a significant player, both at home and on the international stage.

The idea of serving providing the final consumer with good quality products produce lies in our famous Italian culinary roots.  The plant needs its roots to grow and our roots are in Italy, the land of good food made from high quality products grown under the sun. This culinary heritage is coupled with a highly professional and scientific approach used to select a range of products varieties where taste is as important as productivity and disease resistance.  This is clearly appearing in our range of varieties where taste is as important is as productivity and disease resistance.

Royal Seeds controls the whole chain of the seed business; from research in our Italian and American facilities, to global production and quality control.

Great attention is given to the QUALITY OF THE SEEDS. We know that “the seed-cost for every plant saleable in the market” is strongly affected by SEEDS GERMINABILITY and SELLING GROWTH UNIFORMITY.

We hope you decide to join our family of customers and share success together.

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